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10 Reasons to Choose Elevate PT For Your Pelvic Health Care


It can be quite overwhelming to truly understand what options you have when it comes to your care. Many therapy clinics advertise pelvic health without truly specializing in care. Here at Elevate PT, I am devoting my practice, education, and expertise to pelvic health in order to provide the absolute best care possible, hands down.

1. You Deserve a True Specialist

Complex issues, require expert attention. Kristyn at Elevate PT has committed her career and practice solely to pelvic health just for you! This is not an add-on service to an established clinic; this is passionate care and life-long devotion for your well-being.

2. You Will Have Individualized Treatment

Forget run of the mill, standard exercises that fill your appointment time. Elevate PT focuses on manual, hands-on treatment techniques including myofascial massage, joint manipulations, visceral mobilizations, and pelvic interventions to provide optimal results. 

3. Always Have a Private Room in a Calm Environment

Elevate PT is located within a tranquil chiropractic clinic, with a dedicated, private space for pelvic health therapy. No hustle and bustle of an orthopedic gym. There is an option for a private back entrance as well for established patients. 

4. Collaborative Care From an Empathetic Therapist

Your PT, Kristyn, strives to listen and identify with each of your concerns regarding past experiences, current complaints, and then work with you to create your action plan to restore your health.

5. You will Receive Quality Care from the Same Therapist Every Time

You will never be scheduled with a fill-in therapist or therapy assistant. Every appointment will be with the same therapist who truly understands your complete journey. No need to repeat information or "start over" with someone new.

6. Prompt Hour-long, 1:1 Sessions

Pelvic health treatments are intimate and meaningful. At Elevate PT, it is important to devote adequate time in order to truly address and get to the root causes of dysfunction. Appointments are punctual - your time is just as valuable as ours. And you will never be double-booked. 

7. Holistic Care, Not Your Average Kegel-only Therapy

It is critical to examine all influencing factors that may affect your symptoms. Things such as your lifestyle habits, stress, nutrition, environment, occupation, and emotional state can play a huge role in how your body functions and how you feel. 

8. Applied Innovative and Cutting-Edge Research to Care

Kristyn is always looking to expand knowledge and stay up to date on the latest research in order to provide the highest quality of care. There is no routine or monotonous treatment here. Each visit is filled with new information for you to learn and improve your daily living.

9. Scheduling with Someone Who Understands Pelvic Health

Don't let your nerves prevent you from scheduling your first visit! Speak with your pelvic health therapist and address any uneasy feelings before you arrive.

10. Find Lasting Relief and Discover Confidence in Your Own Skin

The goal at Elevate PT is to get you back to living life to the fullest. No one deserves to worry about their pelvic health issues or live in daily pain. 


More About Elevate PT

My goal at Elevate PT Pelvic Health and Wellness LLC is to provide true healing and relief through holistic practice. With hands-on therapy treatment, education on daily movement patterns and nutrition, I truly focus on the entire person and not just a diagnosis or body part. All treatment sessions are individualized to you, not a run of the mill exercise program. I want to see you return to your full potential just as much as you do. Call today and speak directly to Kristyn - the Doctor of Physical Therapy specialized in pelvic health and get any questions you have answered today!

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